Touch-Free Sanitiser station  rental and purchase

A range of sizes to suit any venue or event

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Wall mount
12cm(w) x 12cm(d) x 27cm(h)

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30cm(w) x 30cm(d) x 120cm(h)

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24cm(w) x 13cm(d) x 130cm(h)

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35cm(w) x 3cm(d) x 140cm(h)

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45cm(w) x 30cm(d) x 190cm(h)

Why Ezycharge?

  • Australian produced hospital grade sanitiser
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses
  • Acts quickly to kill micro-organisms on hands
  • Reduces bacteria count on hands
  • Wallmountable, portable or permanent
  • Fully customisable in your branding

Service and maintenance

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Routine service inspections

Refill canisters available

Custom branded to suit your business

Keeping you and your guests charged and sanitised

Hand sanitisers can now be fitted to our charging stations to ensure you and your customers stay safe.

Next time you order a charging station for your venue or event, speak to one of our staff about adding a sanitiser dispenser.