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A range of sizes to suit any venue or event

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Wall mount
12cm(w) x 12cm(d) x 27cm(h)

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30cm(w) x 30cm(d) x 120cm(h)

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24cm(w) x 13cm(d) x 130cm(h)

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35cm(w) x 3cm(d) x 140cm(h)

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45cm(w) x 30cm(d) x 190cm(h)

Why Ezycharge?

  • Australian produced hospital grade sanitiser
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and viruses
  • Acts quickly to kill micro-organisms on hands
  • Reduces bacteria count on hands
  • Wallmountable, portable or permanent
  • Fully customisable in your branding

Service and maintenance

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Custom branded to suit your business

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Keeping you and your guests charged and sanitised

Hand sanitisers can now be fitted to our charging stations to ensure you and your customers stay safe.

Next time you order a charging station for your venue or event, speak to one of our staff about adding a sanitiser dispenser.

Hand Sanitiser Stations for Every Venue in Australia

Your guests’ hygiene and safety has never been more important, or as simple to attend to. With an Ezycharge hand sanitiser station you can provide peace of mind that everyone who enters your premises are doing their part to keep us healthy and clean. We provide hand sanitiser dispensers to venues and events throughout Australia. Our wide range of sanitiser stations cater to all industries and business needs. We have wall mounted stations, compact, slimline, sleek and digital. We can even vinyl wrap your branding onto our stations so that they fit seamlessly within your space and remind your customers that you keep their best interests in mind.

Add hand sanitiser to your charging station – convenient & hygienic

Communal devices come with communal germs – right? Not necessarily. At Ezycharge, we’re all about convenience and safety. The latest upgrade to our phone charging stations allows us to attach a hand sanitiser dispenser directly to the unit. This means you can provide convenient and safe device charging to your customers and staff. Browse our phone charging stations or shared power-bank ranges to find the best fit for your event or venue space.

About Ezycharge

Our business was born from an all too common struggle; not having access to phone charging when you need it most. What started as a singular goal of convenient charging has expanded into a network of charging and sanitiser stations at events, venues and businesses throughout Australia. Whether you’re an event planner, hotel, hospital, office space, stadium or festival – Ezycharge can provide convenient stations to improve your venue or event.

Hire Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Make hygiene a top priority for your venue. Reach out to our team on 1800 399 244 or using the online form to arrange your hand sanitiser dispensers and phone charging stations.