Frequently Asked Questions.

Where are your Policies and Terms / Conditions?

All of our policies can be found in this link. 

How much does hiring a unit cost?

At Ezycharge we have a tiered pricing structure to suite most budgets. We hire units out for as short or as long as you need. Our goal with every client is to ensure they are provided the right advice for the event. With such a broad product offering, there are very few events or conferences we cannot accommodate.

Is support included?

Absolutely. Ezycharge is the largest National supplier in the indusray with operations across most major cities. This allows us to ensure we provide all of our customers with great service if and when it is needed. It has always been critical to us to ensure that our customers are never left alone when it comes to their stations.

Is Delivery Included?

The vast majority of our events are quoted with a standard bump in / out fee. For longer term rentals most deliveries are in fact free of charge. Obviously with Australia being such a large country, we offer delivery to regional areas, quoted independently.

How Fast Is Charging Speed?

There is a common misperception that phones can be charged super fast! According to the Environmental Declaration document, it should take around 2 hours and 45 minutes to charge the device from 0% to 100% when it’s powered off and charged using the cable and wall mounted charger that was included with the device. Thats said, we have encountered a charge of up to 77% from flat, within a single hour.

EzyCharge stations charge as fast as normal charge points in your home or office.

What devices do EzyCharge units cater for?

EzyCharge charge stations cater for all popular makes of phones on the market.

If I forget my code, can I still get my phone?

Yes. Each facility owner will have the capacity to assist you with the retrieval of your phone.

What ongoing maintenance is required?

We recommend ongoing maintenance be carried out to check for faulty or damaged cables. If the unit is leased all cable upgrades and software upgrades are included in the price.

How do you brand the EzyCharge?

All models can be branded with either your corporate logo or a unique custom branding. Our team will ensure youhave everything you need before you go ahead with the bradning. Its so simple.

How many power outlets are required?

Just one. All EzyCharge models run off normal single phase power outlets (just like at home). We do not supply extension leads due to OH&S regulations. All our units are however fully tagged and tested.

Can you make the cables longer?

The cables are designed for optimum length so they don’t ‘hang’ outside the charging area. There is no need to change the length.

What is Apple MFi Compliance? Why is it important?

MFI stands for Made for i-Phone, and it means the cables are compliant with Apple’s technology. Some cables will refuse to charge with Apple phones and these are not MFI compliant and are also poorly made.

Is EzyCharge MFi Compliant?

Yes. All EzyCharge products are.

Why do EzyCharge products all have cables?

Quite simply, so you don’t have to carry one. If our units have cables then you, or your customer’s can enjoy our products knowing they will charge whatever device you have.

Do customers require assistance to operate an EzyCharge?

No. It’s all very simple and instructions are found on each unit.