Who is my main contact at Ezycharge for managing the process?


Louise is our admin gun! She can help you with all your questions. However, our full team is across all eventualities and a quick call will resolve any queries quickly. Feel free to email or call us!


We have dedicated operations in all major centres across the country. This allows us to be able to service each event seemlesly and gives us the added advantage of relieving your stress even further.

When is the branding deadline if I need branding?

14 days has become the stressfree sweetspot! Any shorter than this and the process becomes quite stressfull. We’ve certainly turned events around way faster, however if you are well ahead in your planning, the 14 days is a great target and easily achievable.

Why 14 days? For printed media, this gives enough time to go to print, deliver to warehouse, arrange wrapping of your units and prepare for delivery schedules.

For digital assetts, we have found the odd anomaly creeping in with technology! Who would have thought 🙂  So when we get your media well in advance, we can test and ensure all is in order (99.9% of the time its fine but we like to be sure well ahead of the event).

What formats must my print media be in?

For all print media we require Hi-res PDF  – 300dpi at 100% for the vinyl print.

Louise will send you the templates to provide your design team. They will know how to use these for their design.

All assetts are best transferred to us via WETRANSFER.

What formats must my digital media be in?

For all digital media please follow these guidelines:


  • All digital assets must be proivided in an MP4 format. Please do not send individual images.
  • Advice: Long videos are very seldom watched or viewed. Whilst appealing to the organiser, we highly recommend short, succinct messaging on the screen.


  • Power stands have screens that are PORTRAIT oriented.
  • Please supply MP4 format for all content in the ratio of 9:16 (9 across, 16 high).
  • Please be aware that any digital media supplied for powerstands that is in landscape orientation, will result in blank space above and below the video.


  • These units have LANDSCAPE oriented screens.
  • Please supply MP4 format for all content in the ratio of 16:9 (16 across, 9 high)

All assetts are best transferred to us via WETRANSFER. You will be issued the best email address to send these to in your communications with Louise and her team.

Bumpin and out. How does it work?


Because we are not delivering full stands or setups, our process is simple – Walk in, power up and leave. All our stations are setup in advance so nothing is required to be done on site.

We generally deliver the day before an event (no additional charge of course).

This means that we are the least of your worries and timing has always been perfect. Whilst we endeavour to match the exact delivery time of your schedule, please dont stress if we are running later or earlier than anticipated. Ours is just a simple process.


We are a stealthy crew and you never need to worry about us getting stations out. Once again, we move in, remove the station and we are gone…. Simple and stress free.

Also please remember, that because our process is a simple one, we may look to delay bumpout a day or so to allow the big event stands to do their thing. But leave this all to us!

Remote location bumpin and out


In some instances we use independent crews to deliver and attend to remote deliveries. As such whilst we find these to be pretty simple, from time to time we are at the mercy of the independent couriers’ schedules. In saying that, 99% of our deliveries are perfect and setup on time.


Once again no need to stress. This is again a simple process so you can leave the hard stuff to us and go celebrate a great event.

Payment and signoff


To guarentee your event booking we require payment prior to the event. With the events schedule we hold, stations need to be allocated well in advance so the earlier the better.


We will send you a quick confirmation email to request you approve the artwork etc prior to going to print. It’s a formality really but saves everyone huge stress .

What power do I need for the units?

The best thing about our stations (beyond their awesomeness of course) is that they all require a standard GPO. What does that mean? Simple……normal plug from the wall. Nothing complicated. 

COVID - Our policy!

We know how serious COVID is and have lived alongside all our Events clients for the last two years in hope of a return to ‘normal’ ! Whatever needs to be done to ensure everyone is safe and that events can thrive, we will do. 

So be assured we will meet your standards required and will work with you to ensure the event is a success!