Ezycharge was founded by Russell Barwick in August of 2014, when he simply ran out of power on his mobile at one of the races. Russell saw a need for charging stations at events and functions and set about growing the business. Within a short period of five years Russell and his team has built the business into the largest supplier of mobile phone charging kiosks in Australia.

With 1000’s of venues now part of the Ezycharge Network, he has grown the business into a respected, personal and socially responsible business. With the recent acquisition of Chargebar and Chargespot events, there is enough capacity now to service the entire needs of businesses looking to power up their events or facilities. It is hard now to find a charging station at either an event, hotel, hospital, function, stadium or national event and festivals that has not been through the Ezycharge network.

Russell’s determination to grow the business is coupled with what is defined by his staff, as a social responsibility second to none. His capacity and willingness to recognise the needs of those less fortunate is supported only by his actions with Childrens Hospitals and charity events.

The team at Ezycharge are determined to retain the original personality of the business and display traditional, personalised service which is difficult to duplicate. The National footprint of operations managers and staff have bought into this vision and work hard at being ‘real people’ on the other side of the phone or web. Our calls are taken by the team, our livechats are not robots and our service is nothing but exceptional. We love providing the best you can get in the industry. No mean feat in a word where technology is often backed by artificial contact and service.

Ezycharge’s vision remains to be the leading supplier of stations through Australia and offers all their customers the assurance of super service with great people!